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please admin or visitor I believe your whole life will change after seeing these videos

if you are Christian see the fourth video :) you must see it

Ask yourself

what will happen to me after my death !

Who am I ? why I exist? What is my destiny?
These questions and made the whole world .
You will find its solutions or answers only in Islam. Islam is the religion of equality.

so why don't you search for Islam in Google and learn a lot about it ?

Let me ask you ...

what will happen if the whole world become in peace !

what will happen if the whole world stopped Fighting & Starving & waging a wars !

what will happen if all people liked another no hatred no purging the weak no rape ?



Islam is the religion of the peace

now want to be Muslim just search in Google for how to be a Muslim


The sad people in the universe are so many .. but in Islam you move from happiness to happiness.. by mentioning Allah and loving him.


Some videos may help
















NOW A message to Christian people

 search for Ahmed Deedat in Google :) or even see this video

Let me ask you..

Do you satisfy your mother to be Fucked from a man except your father !

Do you satisfy your sister to be fucked from a man except her husband !

Do you satisfy your wife to be fucked from a man except you !

So why your religion said this happened to the prophets ? -_-

why the prophets Fuck the women without any right even she was married or not

Are those really your prophets !

Do you think really Allah (GOD) did this ?

Seek the truth ...


In the end

I'm sorry to hack this site so please understand my aim I only want you to see the truth

if you are the admin & want to back your site contact your host or contact me on fb


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