How to run Windows 3.1x in Dosbox using D-Box

January 6th, 2010

Windows 3.11Today I tried to run good ol’ Windows 3.1x using D-Box. I was impressed by how easy it was to get it running! So please feel free to follow along this set by step instructions!

  1. Get D-Box and Windows 3.1x.
  2. If you have the diskettes for Windows, copy all the files to a directory on your hard drive. If you’ve downloaded a ISO file, extract the files to a directory on your hard drive (MacOS and most Linux distros have built-in support for ISO, just double-click on the icon, and drag the contents into a folder on you hard drive. Windows users can use WinRAR.)
  3. Start D-Box, and drag the file Setup.exe from the Windows directory to D-Box’ application list. Click the OK button a few times.
  4. Select the newly created item in the application list in D-Box with your mouse, and right click on it to get a pop up menu. From this menu click on “Edit Game”. In the new window, drag the slider under “How fast would you like the computer” as far right as it gets. Click OK.
  5. Double click on the Windows application item in D-Box’ application list. Follow the setup’s installation steps. The defaults are good. Do not try to change the screen resolution. Leave it at VGA. Don’t bother with the network settings either.
  6. When the installation is finished close the Dosbox window and return to D-Box. Once again, get the Edit game window (same procedure as in step 4), and change the text in the field Executable to:

    and click OK.

    The "Edit Game" window should look similar to this.

  7. Now you may use Windows 3.1x on your new super computer, and play, not only DOS games, but also 16bit Windows games! To add a new Windows game, just copy the files to the folder where you left the Windows 3.1x installation files.Ah, Solitare!

Update: Do you want sound or better graphics?

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