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January 26th, 2010

Latex ToolsFor about six months ago I made a JavaScript program that could help me to produce Bibtex entries. It has now been on for a while, and I have certainly benefited from it!

Two days ago I started to argue with Latex again, and this time it was because of how latex markup tables. Bacause of this I’ve created yet another javascript program that aims to help users with this issue. Check it out!

Do you have a feature request or other comments? Please leave feedback here!

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  1. rae

    Thanks for the editor. I write bib file entries that look the same but don’t work so it’s wonderfull. Some difficuties however :(1) I have latex error – too many commas with my authors (there are four plus their initials); and (2) the “&” sign in publisher field needed to have a backslash added manually. Don’t know how to solve (1)

  2. Truben

    Thank you for your feedback! I’ve added a function so that &, \, $ and a few more characters are properly escaped. This hopefully solves (2).

    I’m not sure about (1), but maybe it’s an issue in Bibtex itself?

  3. Zab

    Very useful. Thanks so much!!

  4. Genick Bar-Meir

    Very nice work. Can I request/suggest several new features.

  5. Truben

    Thank you, Genick! Of course you can suggest new features! The current version is the result of my needs when I worked on my master thesis, so it’s not exactly feature packed.

  6. Piotr

    I like very much your idea with the form. I manage publication list of our research group and I would lovely use this idea internally to make adding our new publications easier. However, I would need to adapt it a bit according to our internal requirements (input checking, additional fields). Could you contact me directly regarding this?

  7. Madwyn

    Hi~ The BibTex editor is really handy, but I think it can be improved to generate “Database key” automatically. Using the “Author:Year” structure or extend to “Author:Year:Title”.

    It would be easier to use with this function. Thanks a lot!

  8. Truben

    Thank you for the idea, Madwyn! I’ve added a “Generate”-button to the right of the key input field. For now it only generates a key based on the author and year since it doesn’t know about the rest of your database. Hope it works like you wished for :)

  9. Rainer

    Great help, thanks a lot for this nice tool!

    Two suggestions:

    1. The field “url” is missing; since nowadays a lot of references are to web sites, adding this would be helpful. I imagine that there are formatting issues but I think it is better to have that field in the first place.

    2. For me, it would be nice if I could edit the generated BibTex entry right away on your website. Not very important, but a “nice to have”.

    Anyway, great to have this!

  10. Truben

    Thank you for your feedback, Rainer! I’ll add the url field, but as far as I know, the url field still is kind of unsupported. Please enlighten me if i’m wrong :)

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